Kansas State Databases

In response to the needs of many Kansans, Kansas Legal Services has created interactive interviews that will create forms to:

  • File for a Divorce in a marriage with or without minor children
  • File a reply to a divorce
  • Prepare a Decree of Divorce
  • Calculate child support and complete a Kansas Child Support Worksheet
  • Seek a Waiver of Court Filing fees
  • Change an adult’s legal name
  • Expunge a Criminal conviction in Kansas

These forms use interactive software to ask questions and obtain information needed to complete the document.  Information needed by self represented users is provided during the process.  The information provided can be saved by the user, in a password protected file, for later use.  The forms are hosted on a national site –www.lawhelpinteractive.org.  When completed, the forms are available to the user in an editable Word format.  Instructions with the forms provide step by step guidance for self representation in Kansas courts. These forms are available athttp://www.kansaslegalservices.org/FreeLegalForms.