Download Meeting Room 2015 Meeting Room Contract and Policy

Revised, September 21, 2015

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Finney County Public Library to allow the use of meeting rooms when these facilities are not needed for activities sponsored in whole or in part by the library. Usage of the meeting rooms shall not disturb normal library functions and/or programs. Permission to use the rooms does not imply library endorsement of the goals, policies, or activities of any group or organization. The director reserves the right to revoke permission previously granted if deemed appropriate. The library director also reserves the right to make exceptions due to special circumstances. Rooms are rented on a first-come/ first-serve basis. The library staff will have preference in room rental and will schedule the rooms for programming as needed.


1. Room Rentals may be scheduled during 10:00am-6:00pm from Monday through Friday.
Rooms will be available to be opened no earlier than 10:00 a.m. and all rooms must be
cleaned and closed no later than one hour before closing. No rental arrangements can be
made for a time that the library is scheduled to be closed. Rentals are for a 2 hour block
minimum.Set up and break down time are included in the time blocked.

2. All rentals will be done through the library office manager. The renter will allow time to review the rental policy, complete the contract and return it. Fee must be paid 72 hours before access is allowed to the room

3. The Finney County Public Library reserves the right to deny the use of meeting rooms to any person, persons, or group which had previously violated policy regulations when using
meeting rooms.

4. The views and opinions expressed by meeting room users are those of the renters and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policy of the library.



  1. The meeting rooms will be made available for the following:

a. Group 1: Partnerships with the library, federal, state, county and city agencies directly serving residents of Finney County. Finney county and Garden City school district affiliations are also included.

b. Group 2: Nonprofit organizations (501(c) (3, 4, or 6 ) that will utilize the room for meetings, programs, and/or learning events. Proof of nonprofit status is required.

2. Exclusions for Group 2 type of use of the meeting rooms include, but are not limited to:

a. Private social functions

b. Ticketed events/events with entry fee

c. Fund-raising events

d. Partisan political events or electioneering

e. Sales or promotion of items and/or services (commercial usage)

f. Events with live animals, exception with library programming

g. Gambling events, including lotteries and raffles

h. Events with weapons displayed or demonstrated

i. Events with programs and/or audience participation of high-risk injury such as martial arts, acrobatics, and gymnastics

j. Events with programs and/or audience participation in which toxic, flammable, noxious, or corrosive chemicals are used including paints, glue, and solvents.


3. Rentals will not be available more than 3 months in advance.

4. The meeting rooms do not meet health department codes for food service. For this reason, they are not available for any gatherings involving the serving of meals and hot foods. The serving of cold finger foods such as sandwiches and desserts are allowed, as are hot and cold beverages that do not require processing food. All food preparation must be done in advance of using the room. The following equipment will not be allowed:

* Crock pots
* Steamers
* Dutch ovens
* Toaster ovens
* Microwaves (other than that provided in the kitchenette)
* Blenders
* Hot plates
* Burners
* Electric skillets and appliances
* Juicers
* Roasters
* Chafing dishes

5. Serving of alcoholic beverages in the meeting rooms is prohibited.

6. The meeting rooms have a person limit as determined by the fire marshal. No event can be scheduled if the expected number of attendees exceeds this number. Event organizers can be requested to discontinue the meeting should this number be exceeded. (Finnup 47) (Hutchison 47) (Together 94)

7. The Director of Library may authorize additional rules that are consistent with this policy and assist in its implementation.



1. The fee schedule is presented in the meeting room attachment. In addition to the fee, renters must pay a deposit to be refunded if the room is left clean and without damage.

2. All those who utilize our meeting rooms must provide their own supplies. The library has a limited number and type of supplies that can be provided on a fee basis. These must be arranged for in advance of the meeting.

3. Group 2: Deposit, contract, and fee must be paid 72 hours before access is allowed to the room. The fee and deposit should be paid in the form of two (2) separate checks. The deposit will be returned in the form of a voided check within seven (7) business days after the scheduled event if the room was left in acceptable condition. The deposit will be forfeited in part or in whole if the room is not left in satisfactory condition. A written explanation of any fees assessed for damages or for room condition will be mailed to the renter when applicable. The voided deposit check will be mailed to the person whose name and address is on the contract. It is the responsibility of the renter to provide a current address on the contract. Deposits will not be refunded in person on the day of the event.

5. Group 2: Fee must be paid 72 hours before access is allowed to the room. Room rental fee is nonrefundable unless cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the scheduled event. Cancellations for Group 2 need to be made at least within 48 hours of the event.



1. With some exceptions, the meeting room will be rented as is and the renters will be responsible for all of their own set up and break down.

2. Rental fees include the use of the meeting room, available tables and chairs only. Rental of the meeting room does not include the following, which must be provided by the renter:

a. Table and chair set up and break down

b. Use of supplies such as dry erase markers and erasers, pens, pencils, paper, scissors, glue and other similar supplies

c. Kitchen supplies and utensils

3. Organizations must assume responsibility for conducting meetings, programs, and/or events in a manner that will not interfere with the library’s operation.

4. Before vacating the meeting rooms(s), all the clean-up should be completed and the front desk notified for sign out. The room will be checked and locked at that time. Failure to check out will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.


Rental Fee
2-hour block (minimum)
(non-refundable after 48 hours before meeting time)
Group 1 Group 2

Finnup Room (w/kitchen)

Additional hours

No charge


$15.00 per hr.

Hutchison Room

Additional hours

No charge


$10.00 per hr.

Both Rooms

Additional hours

No charge


$25.00 per hr.

Returned if the room is left in acceptable condition

Finnup Room (w/kitchen)

No Deposit $50.00

Hutchison Room

No Deposit $50.00

Both Rooms

No Deposit $100.00



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