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Search America's News for newspapers across the country!
The experience and impact of African Americans as recorded by the news media
Check out ebooks and audiobooks using Cloud Library!
Vehicle handbooks and practice tests in English and Spanish. Manuales de vehículos y pruebas de práctica en inglés y español.
Garden City Telegram
HeinOnline’s Civil Rights and Social Justice
HeinOnline's Gun Regulation and Legislation in America
Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law
Hispanic Life in America
Go to Hoopladigital.com for ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music and more!
Learning Express Library
Learning Express Library

State Library of Kansas Databases

These databases have the full text of magazine articles, reference books and other materials. All you need to access these resources is a free Kansas Library eCard to log in. For a free Kansas Library eCard, please call
(620)272-3680 or send us a message on our Facebook page.

+ Research for Kids & Students Databases

Research for Kids
Student Research

Additional Resources

+ Book Search Resources


Booklist Online is freely available until further notice. You can start reading the newest issue of Booklist digitally today.

Kansas Library Catalog

A catalog of the books in over 300 Kansas libraries. If you find a title you want here, we can get it for you through our interlibrary loan service for a $1.00 service fee. Just ask for further information at the front desk.


A catalog of over 61 million books available from libraries all over the world. We can get most of these books for you through interlibrary loan. Ask at the front desk for more information.

+ Kansas Government

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